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Education and Training

There are many opportunities for Learning with the UWTC ranging from bespoke professional development and technical short courses, to a structured one year MSc/PGDip in Energy, Water and Environmental Management, to postgraduate research at MRes and PhD level.

Professional and Technical Training:

We can provide practical and CPD oriented workshops for technical and professional staff tailored to your needs. Short and continuous development courses we have offered in the past include:

Small and medium sized businesses

  • Environmental Management courses

Water utilities (i.e. United Utilities, Scottish Water)

  • Training for Water Industry Operatives
  • Water and Environmental Management courses
  • Environmental Awareness for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations

Environmental regulators (i.e. SEPA)

  • Issues in Environmental Law & Policy for the Oil & Gas Industry (with the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, Dundee University)

International clients

  • Developing Capacity in Water Management (Africa)
  • Operating & Managing Water Utilities & Sanitation Infrastructure (Africa)
  • Environmental Management, Tanzania
  • Water Distribution Network Expansion (Africa)
  • Water Augmentation & Rehabilitation (Africa)
  • Effective Environmental Regulation in the Tanzanian Mining Sector
  • Strategic Financial Performance Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Business Planning for Water Supply & Sewerage Utilities (Africa)
  • Water Sector Policy Analysis and Reform Strategy (Africa)
  • Health & Safety Course (Nigerian public sector organisations)

Bespoke training courses be developed to individual client requirements. Please contact for further details.

Postgraduate Studies:

MSc/PGDip Energy, Water and Environmental Management

Abertay University offers a full time MSc course that focusses on the key sustainability issues such as depletion of natural resources, maximising energy usage and reducing environmental impacts of business and industry.  The course provides participating students with informative lectures and seminars that provide the baseline knowledge that is then applied to real life situations using group work and a full dissertation on a selected environmental topic.

Further details about the course can be found at MSc Energy, Water and Environmental Management

Research Degree Opportunities:

The Urban Water Technology Centre has research degree opportunities focused on specific areas of study related to environmental technology, specialising in engineering application of biological, physical and chemical processes for the control and abatement of environmental pollutants, and in the production of bio-energy.

Some examples of the research topics that have been defended at PhD level are described below:

  • Investigating factors affecting the anaerobic digestion of seaweed: modelling and experimental approaches
  • Analysis of key requirements for effective implementation of biogas technology for municipal solid waste management in Sub Saharan Africa. A case study of Kigali City, Rwanda
  • Optimisation of anaerobic digestion of organic solid waste for the production of quality compost for soil amendment
  • Carbon and nitrogen removal in a granular bed baffled reactor

Provisional thesis titles of PhD students currently being supervised include:

  • Hospital wastewater treatment and management
  • Development of low cost technologies for treatment of wastewater for reuse
  • Groundwater quality assessment in rural communities in Saudi Arabia
  • Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils and surface waters by Microbial formulation and locally available bacteria nutrient supplements
  • Examination and management of human African trypanosomiasis propagation using geospatial techniques
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) and its impact on groundwater pollution in urban areas
  • SUDS for roads - transitioning into a more sustainable urban surface water management system for roads
  • Water quality impacts of surface water discharges from urban areas
  • Developing a Diffuse Pollution Control Strategy
  • Analysis of the stress factors in the operation of water networks in arid countries


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