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Environmental Evaluation & Decision

Research in this area examines ways of ensuring that the social technological and economic aspects of sustainable technologies and sustainable development are considered within decision making processes.

This work involves the selection, testing and application of current and new sustainability indicators to convey, to a wide range of stakeholders, the data that are necessary for sustainability assessment and monitoring throughout the life of projects.  This requires a detailed understanding of decision making processes to ensure the indicators are appropriate to the needs of the stakeholders to enable adequate consideration is given to sustainability issues throughout the process.  This understanding also allows the impact of key decisions on sustainability to be assessed and enables more sustainable strategies and actions to be devised.  The team have developed and applied a combination of techniques drawn from the information technology, knowledge management and business process mapping fields which provide a detailed understanding of the ways in which decisions are made in a number of research projects.

Recent projects include:

Scottish Water Mapping

Sustainability Enhancement of Dundee Central Water Front

DC Noise



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