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Our vision is to be a research led Centre within the University operating at International Level which will:

(i)  develop environmental technologies that will provide innovative technical solutions for the control of existing and emerging  environmental pollutants and for improved bioenergy production; and

(ii) develop and apply appropriate tools and techniques within an integrated framework to enable the assessment, visualisation and communication of the sustainability of the technologies to address institutional and societal barriers to their uptake.

The Centre has a unique focus on the interface between scientific and technological research and on addressing the challenges of the development of resilient and sustainable communities. The Centre is combining and building upon existing internationally leading research in (i) anaerobic digestion, (ii) wastewater and waste treatment, (iii) sustainable urban drainage systems (iv) biofuels, and (v) sustainability assessment, modelling and visualisation. The Centre will also complement the work of SIMBIOS, thus expanding the School and the Division’s Environment Research Activities and, by virtue of the multi-facetted nature of sustainability assessment and enhancement, will continue to link to research active groupings in other Schools.

The Centre also fosters research/teaching linkages, particularly through its expanding cross School postgraduate activities involving research, taught MSc and capacity building and continuous professional development (CPD) programmes.



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