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Urban Water's Alison Duffy to run interactive Water SUDS sessions at Dundee Science Festival 2015
Alison will be running an interactive session with school children to show them what causes flooding and how different surfaces (permeable and impermeable) can be used to manage rainfall in our towns and cities

Launched in 2010, Dundee Science Festival has grown to be one of the largest events in Tayside. Taking place every November, the Festival aims to engage and inspire the whole community through its celebration of science and lifelong learning across the city of Dundee - attracting people from all ages and backgrounds.

Dundee Science Festival 2015 will take place between 31st Oct and 15th November, with a key objective to increase science in the community and to widen access to science. The community events are designed to bring new topics to those who may not have a previous connection with the festival or with science in general.

Alison Duffy, Urban Water Technology Centre, Abertay University, will be running several interactive sessions with groups of school children to highlight the issues of why houses, shops and car parks cause problems such as flooding.   Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) help stop flooding using structures such as ponds and basins.  Each session will involve a practical demonstration and student participation:

  1. The first practical demonstration of the session will show how impermeable and permeable surfaces can be used to manage rainfall in our towns and cities;
  2. The second practical session will involve model building, with children being split into two groups to build a physical model of either a SUDS pond or a SUDS basin.
Alison Duffy's research interests focus on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in the areas of: Long-term Operation, Management and Performance; Cost Benefit Analysis; Transitioning (influencing change) of urban water systems; Spatial Planning; Sector Education and Engagement; e-Learning. 

Dundee Science Festival

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