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UWTC Staff contribute to new book 'Water Resources in the Built Environment: Management Issues & Solutions'
Dr Joseph Akunna and Dr Rebecca Wade of Abertay University have both contributed to this new book providing analysis of the main issues of water resources in the built environment.

Water Resources in the Built Environment: Management Issues & Solutions

Colin A. Booth, Susanne M. Charlesworth

Water management is a key environmental issue in controlling of floods and reducing droughts.  This book provides analysis of the main issues, offering solutions and describing good practice. 

Water Resources for the Built Environment: management issues and solutions develops an appreciation of the diverse, complex and current themes of the water resource debate across the built environment, urban development and management continuum.  The integration of physical and environmental sciences, combined with social, economic and political sciences, provide a unique resource, useful to policy experts, scientists, engineers and subject enthusiasts.  By taking an interdisciplinary approach, water resources issues and impacts on the built environment are presented in the inventive and strategic setting of considering the constraints of delivering potable water to an ever-demanding society who, at the same time, are increasingly aware of living in an urban landscape where excessive surface water creates a flood threatened environment - hence, the need to portray a balance between 'too little vs. too much'.

This unique approach to the water resources debate presents a multifaceted collection of chapters that address the contemporary concomitant issues of water shortage and urban flooding and proffers solutions specifically for the built environment.

ISBN 978-470-67091-0

Download the flyer and booking for here:  Water Resources in the Built Environment

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