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Graduation stories - urban water expertise drew Joy to Abertay
Here, she tells us about her time at Abertay and why she chose to study here.

Graduation Stores - Urban Water Expertise Drew Joy to Abertay

Joy Ann Jarvie studied for her MSc in Urban Water and Environmental Management here at Abertay, and is now studying for an EPSRC funded PhD at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh.

Here, she tells us about her time at Abertay and why she chose to study here.

“I chose to study at Abertay because I wanted to do a practical-based water degree, and Abertay is an international expert in urban water studies and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

“Abertay was a wonderful place to study in. I wouldn’t be doing my PhD now if it hadn’t been for the support from the research team in the university's Urban Water Technology Centre (UWTC).

“The title of my PhD is ‘A valuation of the Ecosystem Services that Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems provide.’

“Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) can be installed into the built and natural parts of the urban environment, and include things like ponds, raingardens, wetlands, green roofs, rainwater collectors, and other mechanisms that slow down the flow of rainwater from roofs, roads and driveways. They work best as 'systems' where more than one of these is used together.

“SUDS are an effective way to reduce surface water flooding and water pollution, and there are three main aims: to slow down the flow of water; to improve the quality of water by capturing and treating the pollutants it contains; and to provide amenity - for recreation, biodiversity or other benefits to the local environment and communities.

“Scotland is quite innovative in the ways it deals with stormwater flooding and pollution, and the UWTC is a leading partner in the research and implementation of SUDS, so doing my MSc at a world-leader in this area was great.

“The whole team in UWTC were excellent to work with – very friendly and supportive – and provided excellent opportunities to meet and engage with students during the year. I felt I could approach any member of staff (if I had an issue) and it would be resolved in a quick, efficient, manner.

“I would highly recommend future undergraduates and graduates to consider doing a postgraduate degree at Abertay. My advice is to use your time effectively, as it is an intensive degree.”

We wish Joy the very best of luck with her PhD. If you would like to know more about the environmental courses we offer at Abertay, please click here.

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