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Civil Engineering Courses - Helping to Shape The Future!
Abertay's civil engineering courses cover a wide range of topics that are crucial to building a sustainable, prosperous future.

Civil engineering courses

Where will our civil engineering courses take you?

Civil engineering courses – helping to shape the future

Abertay's civil engineering courses cover a wide range of topics that are crucial to building a sustainable, prosperous future. Providing creative solutions to problems and understanding how to design and plan effective construction of buildings, roads and bridges as elements of critical transport links, and management of water, are all hugely important to our health, happiness and safety.

Civil engineers fill key roles in the renewable energy sector, which is experiencing rapid growth as nations across the world look for more sustainable ways of generating power. Scotland in particular has enormous renewable energy potential, placing Abertay right at the heart of a growing industry.

Civil engineering courses – managing the environment

As well as ensuring new civil engineering and building projects are well-designed and safely constructed, our civil engineering courses emphasise sustainability and the need to ensure new developments are successfully managed without damaging the environment.

One area of particular expertise at Abertay is the management of water and wastewater, which is crucial to the effective planning, design and building of towns and cities. With the potential for increasing unpredictability of water supply due to climate change, this area of work is becoming even more important.

Civil engineering courses – jobs

The undergraduate course has recently been modified to incorporate a full semester industrial work placement in year 3, providing students with invaluable work experience with a real employer.

This will provide opportunities to apply academic knowledge to real world situations, allow greater development of professional skills, and enhance career planning by networking and testing out interests.

The careers that our civil engineering courses lead into are wide and varied, but include working with design consultancies, local authorities, civil engineering and building contractors, and national infrastructure organisations such as Network Rail.

Civil engineering courses at Abertay

The civil engineering courses on offer at Abertay are:

BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering
DipHE Civil Engineering Studies

MSc/PGDip Water Pollution Control
MSc/PGDip Urban Water and Environmental Management


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